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Bionutrition Research Facility

Helping Researchers Across the Country Obtain Research-Quality Nutrition and Body Composition Data

Nutrition plays a vital role in human health and is often considered to be a primary factor in the development of or protection from disease. As such, researchers frequently incorporate a nutrition component as part of their overall research methodology.

For more than 30 years, the Bionutrition Research Facility at Cincinnati Children’s has been helping researchers across the country obtain research-quality nutrition and body composition data.

To date, we’ve coded more than 60,000 multi-day food records and recalls from pediatric and adult clinical research studies, and our reputation for thorough data collection, meticulous quality control and quick turnaround of analyzed data is unmatched. 

Why Choose Us

The Bionutrition Research Facility offers rapid turnaround time and excellent quality work at competitive prices. Our unique services offer reliable research support, relieving researchers of the sometimes tedious, technical side of nutrition analysis.

In addition to our internal researchers, our services are available to external research studies conducted at sites anywhere in the United States on a fee-for-service basis. Advantages of using our service include: 

  • Expertise in conducting dietary recall interviews with a wide range of study participants, including children and adults
  • Meticulous data entry of food recalls and records
  • Accurate results
  • Strict quality assurance
  • Training for study participants
  • Interpreter services available

Trained and Knowledgeable Staff

The Bionutrition Research Facility staff consists of registered dietitians (RDs) and technicians with experience in nutrition research who are dedicated to assisting investigators in obtaining research-quality nutrition and body composition data.

They are trained and certified in validated methods used to obtain accurate information from study participants, resulting in reliable estimates of food and nutrient intake.

Nutrition Data System for Research Software

We use the Nutrition Data System for Research (NDSR) program, developed by the prestigious Nutrition Coordinating Center at the University of Minnesota, in combination with proprietary data management procedures and strict quality assurance to collect and analyze dietary intake data.

NDSR contains up-to-date nutrient and product information in its database, and interviewers employ the USDA Automated Multiple Pass Method (AMPM) when conducting 24-hour dietary recalls, ensuring quick, accurate collection and analysis of dietary intake data. In addition, the NDSR software includes a unique module which allows us to track dietary supplement use as well as regular food intake.

Acknowledgement Statement

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