Nutrition plays a vital role in human health and is often considered to be a primary factor in the development of or protection from disease. As such, research investigators frequently incorporate a component of nutrition assessment as part of their overall research methodology.

The Schubert Research Clinic (SRC) Bionutrition Core staff consists of Registered Dietitians (RDs) and technicians with experience in nutrition research who are dedicated to assisting investigators in obtaining research-quality data in the area of nutrition.


  • Data collection and analysis of dietary intake using a variety of methods, including food intake records, 24-hour diet recalls and food frequency questionnaires. For more information on diet analysis services, click here.
  • Access to our state-of-the-art Metabolic Research Kitchen
  • Energy expenditure measurement via indirect calorimetry or physical activity monitoring
  • Anthropometry, including skinfold and circumference measurements
  • Nutrition assessment and education of study participants
  • Consultation on nutrition-related study design and methods
  • Creation of patient education materials and data collection forms customized for your study

The Bionutrition Core also provides education and training in the above areas to support research teams, as well as recommendations on data collection methods, tools and equipment. Forms and guidelines are available to make nutrition data collection easier for researchers.