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Primary Ovarian Insufficiency Center

Comprehensive Care for Primary Ovarian Insufficiency

What is the POI Center?

The POI Center was established in 2016 at Cincinnati Children’s. It is a multidisciplinary clinic for adolescents and young adults with primary ovarian insufficiency (POI).

We aim to provide information to help you or your child understand a POI diagnosis. We offer comprehensive care for disease management and in partnership with the Turner Syndrome Center and other specialists, we offer an integrated approach for your care.

We serve our families and patients to provide:

  • Initial diagnosis and assessment
  • Comprehensive, interdisciplinary care, with close communication among specialists in making treatment plans
  • Education and empowerment of patients and families to receive the best holistic care possible with optimal short- and long-term outcomes

Healthcare Providers at Cincinnati Children's POI Center

Our POI center includes doctors, nurses, and social workers from three specialties at Cincinnati Children's. Our team works closely with families to provide excellent clinical care that respects the dignity and individuality of our patients. The POI center is staffed by:

Two smiling teenage girls.

Contact Us

If you have questions about the POI Center, or would like to schedule an appointment contact our Nurse Coordinator, Deborah Morse:

Phone: 513-803-0090

Additional Resources

Learn more about POI's symptoms, causes and treatment.


To participate in one of our ongoing research studies on POI please contact our Study Coordinator at 513-803-3132 for more information.

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