Your journey with the Aerodigestive and Esophageal Center will be with a highly trained team of professionals from a number of specialties. Because your child may have more than one disorder, it is critical that all of our specialists assess your child to create a clear picture of their overall health and what interventions will work best.

In a three- to five-day visit to Cincinnati Children’s, your child will receive a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan by our team of pediatric specialists.

Prior to Your Child’s Visit

Prior to your child’s visit, our multidisciplinary team will meet to carefully review your child’s medical history. The team of specialists will then determine which tests need to be conducted during your child’s diagnostic procedure.

We will develop and share with you an itinerary that is created specifically for your child that will help you understand what to expect during your visit.

During Your Child’s Visit

First, our specialists meet with your family, review your child’s medical history together and evaluate your child.

Next, the planned diagnostic procedures are performed.Your child's entire team of sub-specialists is present together in the operating room to ensure a thorough diagnostic evaluation, and to minimize the time your child spends under anesthesia. However, sometimes additional tests are needed before recommending a specific treatment plan.

The multidisciplinary team will meet to review the results and will meet with your family to share their findings and discuss the treatment recommendations.

Treatment Recommendations

The treatment process will vary depending on the type of treatment (whether surgical, non-surgical or ongoing medical management) needed to optimize the outcome for your child. We tailor each treatment plan to each child, based on a comprehensive assessment of your child's specific condition and needs.

Follow-Up Care and Related Support Services

After surgery, your child can benefit from our supporting health services, including speech therapy for swallowing issues, multidisciplinary feeding therapy and nutrition counseling.

For out-of-town families, we also offer a knowledgeable guest services team to help take care of the details of your child’s visit – from transportation to lodging to scheduling appointments. Learn more about our services for traveling families.