Acute Care Nephrology
Professional Education and Research Opportunities

Improving Patients' Lives Through Research and Fellowships

As an integrative entity within the Division of Nephrology, the Center for Acute Care Nephrology (CACN) strives to improve patients’ lives, and there are two important ways that this is promoted: through Research and our Fellowship program

CACN Research

Dr. Stuart Goldstein, as the Director of the CACN, has been active investigator in the field of pediatric acute kidney injury (AKI) since 2000. Read Dr. Goldstein's online biography for more information, including past publications and current research focus.

The CACN currently employs one or two recent college graduates who are pursuing a career in healthcare for a year-long clinical research experience. This is an excellent opportunity for young professionals wishing to gain knowledge and understanding of good clinical practice (GCP), regulatory compliance, recruitment and enrollment in studies, and data management. If you are interested in learning more about this position, please email

Learn more about current and ongoing CACN research efforts

CACN Fellowship

The Center for Acute Care Nephrology (CACN) offers the Pediatric Acute Care Nephrology and Dialysis Fellowship to prepare clinicians / researchers to better care for this patient population. The fellowship provides specialized training in acute kidney injury diagnosis and treatment to graduates of pediatric nephrology, critical care or cardiology fellowships. Learn more

CACN Education

Learn about our CRRT University professional education course.