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Clinical Lab Services for Healthcare Professionals

At Cincinnati Children’s, we are adept at handling the unique needs of young patients.

The phlebotomists in the Clinical Laboratories are highly skilled at working with children, and their well-honed phlebotomy skills are aimed at reducing repeat sticks, even in the youngest patients.

Our pediatric reference ranges ensure our lab results are appropriate for your patient.

Each of our laboratories has a medical director who provides clinical consultation and test interpretation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about specimen pickup or fax inquiries, call 513-636-7355 or 800-653-5516.  
To obtain lab results (professionals only), call Lab Support Services at 513-636-7355.
Cincinnati Children’s Clinical Laboratories medical directors are available for consultation and assistance in interpreting test results and advising on test ordering and follow-up tests or procedures. 
Call Lab Support Services at 513-636-7355. Our staff will be able to provide instructions and confirm if the specimen and sample quantity are acceptable for an add-on request. 

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