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Test Specifications, Collection Requirements and Turnaround Times

Not sure of the specs for your lab test? Be sure to check the clinical lab index, which is available online.

The test menu for the Clinical Laboratories at Cincinnati Children’s includes collection requirements and expected turnaround times.

As a reminder, all orders must include the following elements:

  • Patient name and date of birth
  • Test(s) requested
  • Supporting diagnosis (either an ICD-10 code or a written narrative)
  • Ordering provider name, signature, address (or other identifier)
  • Order date

Laboratory support staff and medical directors are also happy to assist with questions. Call 513-636-7355.

The Clinical Laboratories embrace the mantra of right test, right patient, right time. Giving the complete test name will help us provide accurate test results in a timely fashion. When in doubt, the lab staff will call the ordering practice to clarify. But that extra step can delay the process and increase the chance of needing a new sample.

Clinical Laboratory Index

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