You may think it doesn’t matter where you take your child for lab work, but minimizing the anxiety and stress your child may feel when a specimen is taken is important.  

At Cincinnati Children’s, the phlebotomists (who draw blood samples) are experienced in working with children. Their well-honed collection skills are aimed at reducing repeat sticks, even in the youngest patients. Our phlebotomists are comfortable handling the special needs of children, helping them when they are scared, and are skilled at helping children remain calmer during collection.  

We selected our testing equipment with children in mind to ensure accurate testing, shorter collection times, and less need for repeat sticks.  

We also understand children are not small adults. Pediatric test results may vary significantly from adults or even from children of different ages and developmental stages. Our pediatric reference ranges ensure our lab results are appropriate for your child.  

Why Choose Us?

  • Accessibility: We provide testing services at our main hospital location or at one of our neighborhood locations.
  • Pediatric focus: Our labs provide the best pediatric services available, and our phlebotomists are highly skilled at working with even the youngest children.
  • Convenience: We offer extended hours during the weekday and times on the weekend to accommodate for busy schedules. Plus, we are one of the few laboratories open for blood work on Sundays.
  • Comprehensive testing: We offer routine tests and those not commonly available in clinical laboratories, and new tests are always in development.
  • Timeliness: We process tests 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure rapid turnaround times. We also provide courier services from our neighborhood locations and deliver reports electronically to requesting providers.
  • Knowledge: Each of our laboratories has a medical director who provides clinical consultation and test interpretation.