Clinical Laboratories
Information for Patients and Families

Why Choose Us?

  • Accessibility: We provide testing and phlebotomy services at locations across the Tristate. See our locations and hours.
  • Pediatric focus: Our labs provide the best pediatric services available, and our phlebotomists are highly skilled at working with even the youngest children.
  • Convenience: We offer extended hours during the weekday and times on the weekend to accommodate for busy schedules. Plus, we are one of the few laboratories open for blood work on Sundays.
  • Comprehensive testing: We offer routine tests and as well as those not commonly available in clinical laboratories, and new tests are always in development.
  • Timeliness: We process tests 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure rapid turnaround times. We also provide courier services from our neighborhood locations and deliver reports electronically to requesting providers.
  • Knowledge: We have a team of MD- and PhD-level medical staff available for clinical consultation and test interpretation. See our team members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Specimen collection is available at our Test Referral Center on our main campus at 3333 Burnet Ave. and at many of our neighborhood locations. Laboratory hours vary by location. See locations and hours
The laboratory performs testing on all patients, regardless of age. Please confirm that your test will be covered by your insurance company. 

Blood draws are performed on a walk-in basis, unless otherwise instructed by your provider.  

Some tests do require you to schedule an appointment for your blood draw (glucose tolerance, sweat chloride, platelet aggregation, etc.). If you need one of these tests, call the Scheduling Center at 513-636-3200. 

Yes, Cincinnati Children’s requires an order from your healthcare provider for all lab work. The orders can be brought in by the patient, faxed to the laboratory by the provider, or entered electronically by the provider.
You should bring all pertinent insurance information, photo identification, and the provider order (if your provider did not fax or transmit the order electronically). 
The Clinical Laboratories at Cincinnati Children’s process specimens 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Some lab tests may take longer to perform than others. Please consult with your provider on how quickly you should expect to receive your results. 

When your child’s test results become available, the ordering provider will be notified and he or she should contact you. 

You can view lab results using MyChart, a personalized and secure online access tool. Learn more about MyChart. 

Please consult with the provider who ordered the test for any special instructions. Not all lab tests require you to fast. 
Contact Billing Customer Service at 513-636-4427 or visit this page on our website.

Cincinnati Children’s offers a secure online tool to help you manage your child’s health. MyChart gives you access to your child’s medical record, allowing you to view test results, a list of medications, appointments, follow-up instructions and more. You can also send a message to your healthcare team between visits. Learn more about MyChart.