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The Discover Together Biobank at Cincinnati Children's facilitates the acquisition, processing, storage, and distribution of biospecimens for research studies.

Biobank Services for Investigators

The ultimate goal of the Discover Together Biobank is to enable research leading to improved patient and community outcomes.

The Discover Together Biobank facilitates the acquisition, processing, storage and distribution of biospecimens for research studies. We enable world-class research through the availability of biospecimens, associated data and services to meet the needs of all Cincinnati Children’s researchers and their collaborators.

CAP Accreditation

The Discover Together Biobank is accredited and meets the high standards set forward by College of American Pathologists (CAP). This provides a superior processing, storage and tracking environment for your research samples and can be leveraged as a strength in your funding proposals, protocols and collaborations.

Our CAP-accredited environment provides research studies with the biospecimens and infrastructure that promote collaboration, increase competitiveness for funding and allow for external collaborations.

Discover Together: Sample Collection

The Discover Together Biobank protocol enables the collection of samples and is a resource for all Cincinnati Children’s investigators and their collaborators. Now actively enrolling participants, this collection of samples and associated data is a targeted, prospective, dedicated blood draw collection. Participants broadly consent for sample sharing, full medical record use and permission to be recontacted for future research.

The Discover Together Biobank’s institutional sample collection is also home to the samples collected under other protocols, such as Better Outcomes for Children and the Genomic Control Cohort.

Collectively, the Discover Together Biobank has the following biospecimens available:

  • Whole blood
  • Plasma
  • Serum
  • DNA
  • Urine

Discover Together: Biobank Services & Consenting

The Discover Together Biobank offers a wide variety of services, including sample acquisition, sample processing (such as DNA and RNA prep and biofluid aliquoting), storage services and distribution of samples. The biobank can store many different types of biological samples.

In addition, Discover Together Biobank can help investigators to implement a broad consent process to “future-proof” sample collections. Those protocols that align or fully integrate consent and samples with the approval of the Discover Together Biobank study team may qualify for a sample processing subsidy.

For more information, contact director Mike Pauciulo at or 513-803-3842, or program manager Morgan Bamberger at or 513-517-1187.

Publication Acknowledgment of the Discover Together Biobank

To acknowledge the Discover Together Biobank in publications, please use the following: “This study used samples, data, and/or services from the Discover Together Biobank at Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. We thank patients and families who contributed to the Discover Together Biobank to make this work possible.”

Contact Us

Contact us.

For more information about biobank services, pricing or samples, contact:
Mike Pauciulo, Director

For information on Biobank Informatics, contact:
James Morgan, Informatics Manager

For information on biofluid requests, contact:
Morgan Tracy, Program Manager

For information on tissue requests, contact:
Jaime Reuss

For sample drop off or pick up with the biobank, email: