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Research Participant Advisory Group

Research Participant Advisory Group

The Research Participant Advisory Group engages our Family Partners who participate in research in ways to improve how research is done at Cincinnati Children’s, ensuring that the participant voice is heard and part of the decision-making process in research.

The Research Participant Advisory Group welcomes anyone who participates in research at Cincinnati Children’s and their family members – parents, caregivers and siblings.

Our Research Participant Advisory Group provides:

  • Direct structured engagement between researchers and participants on all aspects of the research process, leading to new and innovative ideas
  • Invaluable feedback to our researchers and administration
  • Opportunity for participant input to impact health outcomes through research

Opportunities for Engagement

Family Partners who’ve participated in research can lend their voice on panels, focus groups, our Institutional Review Board (IRB), as well as in partnership on individual grants or projects. These activities can be one-time activities or on-going, as-needed.

The Research Participant Advisory Council (RPAC)

Family Partners can also join our Research Participant Advisory Council (RPAC) which meets (currently virtually) in the evenings on the 4th Thursday of the month, August to June. The RPAC provides invaluable feedback to guest researchers and administrative staff on ways to improve specific research studies, as well as the research process across the hospital. Additionally, guest researchers will often present findings and offer more in-depth information to RPAC members about specific research or how research is conducted at the hospital.

Our RPAC Family Partners are:

  • Passionate about improving how research is conducted at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • Ready to constructively provide feedback and input to our researchers and administration
  • Advocates for the research participant experience and perspective across the hospital
  • Curious to learn more about research and how it advances and improves our health outcomes
  • Collaborative-minded as we work to find solutions together 
Contact us.

If you have any questions contact Julie Wijesooriya, or fill out our Family Partners form to join the Research Participant Advisory Group or Council.