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Eosinophilic Disorders / EoE

Eosinophilic Disorder Studies for Children and Adults 6 to 80 Years Old

Cincinnati Children's is conducting research studies, sometimes known as clinical trials or clinical studies, to find out how effective study drugs are for individuals with eosinophilic disorders. We want to see if the study treatment can improve your condition. ...More

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Adult Participants or Parents of Participants:

Cincinnati Children’s is involved in research because it is very important to understanding diseases and developing ways to prevent and treat health problems in children, as well as adults. Learn more about how you can help. Contact us at or 513-636-0098. Or, enroll in our database to be notified about future studies by completing an online sign up form.

Sponsors and Investigators:

The Office for Clinical and Translational Research at Cincinnati Children’s provides sponsors and investigators with comprehensive support services, research tools, personnel and facilities to conduct or facilitate pediatric and adult clinical research studies. Contact us at or 513-636-0314.