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Comprehensive Neuromuscular Disorders

Accurate Diagnosis, Advanced Care for Your Child

The Comprehensive Neuromuscular Center at Cincinnati Children’s is dedicated to helping children and adolescents with neuromuscular disorders live better, fuller lives. Our experience is second to none, with over 1,100 children in our care from all over the world. These children have a wide range of neuromuscular disorders, and our dedicated medical team is there every step of the way, offering comprehensive and lifelong care.

Why Choose Us

  • Nationally Recognized Leader: Our program earned Level 3 Patient-Centered Specialty Practice recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and was named a Certified Duchenne Care Center by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).
  • Team Approach: Neuromuscular disorders affect children on many levels – medical, social and emotional. Our staff of experts in a variety of disciplines work closely together to address these wide-ranging needs. These disciplines include cardiology, pulmonary, genetics, neurology, physical therapy, rehabilitation, social services, endocrinology, and nephrology. After your child is thoroughly evaluated, we will develop an individualized care plan for him or her – one that works for you and your family’s lifestyle. This collaborative approach ensures that your child receives the best possible care.
  • Continuing Care: Our team provides lifelong consultative care for your child, including regular visits to maintain up-to-date treatment and support. Reports are provided to your child’s primary care physician following each appointment.
  • Advanced Treatments: Our center has developed an interdisciplinary research program that integrates clinical, translational and basic research strategies. Our specialists participate in clinical trials, working to identify improved therapies. As a result of this research, our patients are among the first to benefit from new discoveries.
  • Online Second Opinions: Our nationally-recognized specialists provide online second opinions to help families better understand a diagnosis and make informed care decisions. The process is convenient, easy and secure.

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We treat a variety of pediatric neuromuscular disorders, most commonly, Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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