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What to Expect

What to Expect at Your First Appointment with Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

We want your child’s first appointment with us to be as stress-free as possible. We specialize in working with both healthy children and those who have complex medical, mental, social and physical challenges, so we will adapt our approach to what works best with your child.

Making an Appointment with Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

We want it to be easy for you to get the care you or your child needs. You can contact us directly to schedule an appointment, or your pediatrician / provider can refer you to our division. We provide dental care at two locations — the Burnet Campus and the Fairfield clinic. We provide orthodontic care at the Burnet Campus.

Dentistry is making a change to our walk in clinic. Unscheduled emergency appointments will be limited to patients with dental trauma that require immediate attention, uncontrolled bleeding, and facial swelling.

For additional information about unscheduled emergency visits, please see FAQ (If my dentist is not available, will you see my child for a dental emergency?) below.

Please schedule appointments for any dental concerns that do not require immediate attention by contacting us.

On the Day of Your Visit to Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics

Arriving for Your Appointment

Please arrive at the clinic 30 minutes ahead of time — 15 minutes to park and walk from the parking garage (if you are visiting us at the Burnet Campus), and 15 minutes to check in at our front desk.

At Your Appointment

We will take our time with your child, walking them through every step and making sure they are comfortable with our approach to their dental and orthodontic needs. We focus on communication and explaining what we need to do with both the patient and their caregiver, so there are no surprises.

FAQ's - Patients and Families

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that your child's first dental visit be scheduled when the teeth first erupt or, at the latest, by their first birthday. We will provide information at the first visit that will help you raise a cavity-free child.
Cincinnati Children's accepts healthy dental patients ages 0-14, at which time we will offer transition options. Patients followed by a Cincinnati Children’s medical specialty clinic (not including Pediatric Primary Care, Fairfield Primary Care, Hopple Primary Care, or Adolescent Transition Medicine) are accepted up age 25.
We welcome patients with special needs. The oral health care of special needs patients can be addressed within the Cincinnati Children’s network.

If you have questions about a possible dental emergency, please call 513-636-4200 and ask the operator for the dentist on call.

We also have Walk-in Service available Monday thru Friday. Please note, Walk-in Service is provided only at the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet campus.

Important Note - Walk In Clinic

Dentistry is making a temporary change to our walk in clinic beginning August 27, 2021 until further notice. During this time, walk in appointments will be limited to patients with dental trauma that require immediate attention. This change is being implemented due to staff shortages and restrictions related to COVID-19. Please schedule appointments for any dental concerns that do not require immediate attention, by calling our scheduling center at 513-636-4641.

Things to Know about the Walk-In Service

  1. The Walk-In Service is different than our regular dental clinic.
    • Walk-in appointments are not assigned. Walk-In patients are generally seen, schedule permitting, on a “first come, first serve” basis, but there are exceptions to this:
      • For example, patients who require true emergency service(s) due to trauma, facial swelling, and/or uncontrolled bleeding, and/or are medically fragile will be prioritized and seen first.
  2. The wait time for the Walk-In Service varies daily and can range from being seen immediately to waiting for 4 or more hours.
    • Wait time is affected by factors including, but not limited to, how many appointments are already scheduled on the day you come in, along with the number doctors, dental assistants, and chairs available on that day.
  3. If we are not able to see you for the Walk-in Service on the day you come in, we may refer you to the Emergency Department, ask you to return on a different day, or if possible, try to provide you with a scheduled appointment on a different day.
  4. Please note, patients with scheduled appointments may be called back prior to Walk-In service patients.

Registration Hours for Walk-In Service

Monday through Friday –  The Walk-in Registration starts at 7:00am

  • Note: We do not offer Walk-In service after 12pm

Yes, we have a financial services representative who can create an individualized payment plan for you. Call 513-636-4427 and select option #2, after you have visited our office.

For billing questions, call 513-636-4427 and select option #2.

Call Cincinnati Children’s at 513-636-4200 or 1-800-344-2462 and ask the operator to page the dentist on call.

FAQ's - Healthcare Professionals

Call Physician Priority Link® at 513-636-7997 and we can discuss your case. If you wish, we can see and care for your patient through our 24-hour emergency service.
Call Physician Priority Link® at 513-636-7997 or 1-888-636-7997.

Children should see a pediatric dentist by a year of age. It's a good time to do a thorough oral examination, evaluate decay risk and provide anticipatory guidance. 

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Our on-call faculty can provide advice or arrange to see the patient if necessary. Call Physician Priority Link® at 513-636-7997.
Contact Tonya Landis, RN, Becky Hammoor, RN, and Kelli Vogelpohl, RN, by email at or phone at 513-636-4539 ext.3.
Our faculty is available to discuss specific questions for dental patients with complicating medical conditions. Contact Physician Priority Link® at 513-636-7997 to be connected to the faculty dentist on-call.

Call Physician Priority Link® at 513-636-7997 and the on-call faculty person can discuss your specific questions.

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