The Molecular Genetics Laboratory at Cincinnati Children’s is one of the largest and most specialized academic molecular genetics labs in the nation. We combine state-of-the-art genetic testing with comprehensive interpretation of test results by nationally recognized, board certified pediatric specialists,  geneticists and genetic counselors to provide clinically relevant  molecular tests for a variety of genetic disorders and risk factors.  

We are continually expanding our test offerings.  Visit our website to stay updated on our test offerings.

Our Specialty Programs                

Go to our Custom Gene Sequencing pages. Custom Gene Sequencing 

Targeted Deletion and Duplication Analysis

Go to our Hematologic Disorders testing page.Hematologic


Go to the Whole Exome Sequencing website.Whole Exome

Go to the Diagnostic Center for Heritable Immunodeficiencies web page.Diagnostic Center for Heritable Immunodeficiencies 

Cardiovascular Diseases Genetic Testing Program. Cardiovascular Diseases Genetic Testing Program (Formerly the Heart Institute Diagnostic Lab)

Go to the Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss web page.Genetic Testing
for Hearing Loss

Go to the Hereditary Liver Diseases Genetic Testing Program web page.Hereditary Liver Diseases Genetic Testing Program

Hereditary Pancreatic Diseases Genetic Testing Program

Go to the Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders Diagnostic Testing Center web page.Inborn Errors of Metabolism Diagnostic Testing Program

Go to the Genetic Pharmacology Service web page. Genetic Pharmacology Service  


Why Choose Us?

Our lab will give you access to unparalleled clinical expertise. We provide guidance in:

  • Test selection
  • Clinical interpretation
  • Recommendations for genetic counseling
  • Coordination of studies for at-risk family members