Health Network at Cincinnati Children's (HNCC) recognizes that a highly-functioning primary care base is essential to strong network performance. We aim to give our providers the support necessary to achieve that goal.  

Current Progress

  •  Health Network is inviting practices who currently serve a high volume of Medicaid patients, including community based clinics and federally qualified health centers to be part of the founding physician community
  • Our goal is to create a network of community providers who are focused on serving this population and willing to participate with Health Network to improve access and outcomes. Each practice will be asked to contract with one or more of the MCOs partnered with HNCC. As a physician, you will continue to negotiate and be paid per your own fee-for-service rates with these entities. However, as a partner with the Health Network, physicians will be eligible for additional support, resources, and/or incentives for achieving various quality measures.

Contact Us

For additional information, or to find out how your practice can partner with Health Network, please contact Robyn Reepmeyer ( at 513-803-6298.