Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center

Extensive Clinical Research Initiatives

Our pediatric hematologists (doctors who specialize in blood diseases) have dedicated their careers to caring for young people with bleeding and clotting disorders. In addition to providing expert treatment, they conduct clinical research studies to find new ways to treat and prevent these conditions. This gives our patients the opportunity to participate in research trials and help advance the treatment of these diseases.

The Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center participates in national and international research trials. Cincinnati Children’s has participated in:

  • Groundbreaking hemophilia therapies, including long-acting factor VIII products
  • National research studies examining the duration of treatment and new therapeutics for children with thrombosis
  • Multiple local studies to investigate more effective therapies and treatment approaches for children with hemophilia, hemophilia with inhibitors and thrombosis

Your child’s hematologist can answer any questions you have about the research studies available at Cincinnati Children’s for children with bleeding and clotting disorders.