The Cincinnati HHT Center of Excellence offers a multidisciplinary approach and expert assessment for patients with this complex condition.

Sophisticated Diagnostics

The first step for our patients is to undergo a comprehensive evaluation by the HHT Center’s team which will always include an appointment at Cincinnati Children’s with the director or associate director of the HHT Center as well as any necessary imaging.  The evaluation might take one day or may require several days, especially if the patient needs to see several specialists or have numerous tests. Our team works hard to schedule appointments so that families can make as few trips to the hospital as possible.

HHT is diagnosed and evaluated through physical examination, blood tests and the use of sophisticated imaging techniques, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), contrast echocardiograph (bubble echo), CT scans, ultrasonography and angiogram.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Following the initial evaluation, the HHT team will develop a comprehensive treatment plan. This plan will vary depending on the patient’s symptoms. It can include surgery, interventional radiology or medication, or it can involve simply monitoring over time. After talking with the family about the patient’s condition and treatment options, the team will provide a written summary of this information for the family and referring physician.

UC Health logo.While the initial evaluation and imaging are performed at Cincinnati Children’s, our interventional team will determine at which hospital (Cincinnati Children’s or University of Cincinnati Medical Center) the patient should be treated, based on the patient’s age. Children will receive interventions at Cincinnati Children’s and adults will receive interventions at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. 

Regardless of the hospital, the same interventional team treats both children and adults. No matter what treatment decisions are made, we like to monitor patients approximately once per year or every few years to assess symptoms and update treatment and monitoring plans if necessary.

Exceptional Facilities

At Cincinnati Children’s, our state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment facilities are designed around the needs of patients and their families. These include diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology suites and operating rooms.