Interventional Endoscopy
What to Expect

What to Expect

Children may need interventional endoscopic care for many reasons. Sometimes, the need is urgent and requires immediate attention. When it isn’t urgent, our team has time to meet your family ahead of time and make a detailed plan. Either way, we are here to provide the most advanced endoscopic care available for your child. We will work with you and your referring physician to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Our team will communicate with the referring physician about results from tests, clinic visits and procedures. After the endoscopy, we will send a summary report to the referring physician. Our specialists are available to referring physicians by phone and email if questions arise.

If Your Child Needs Immediate Care

If your child needs an interventional endoscopic procedure right away, our physicians will move quickly. They will talk to the referring physician, review available imaging scans and discuss a treatment plan. Once they decide on a treatment plan, they will speak with you about it and answer your questions. Our team will do all they can to help your child feel safe and comfortable during the evaluation, treatment and recovery process.

The doctor will meet with you afterward to discuss the procedure’s results, findings and next steps in care if needed.

If Your Child’s Needs are Not Urgent

If we receive a referral for your child that is not urgent, our clinical program manager, Sarah Myers, RN, CPN, will call you to talk about your child’s symptoms. She will speak with you about relevant details about your child’s medical history and treatment. She’ll also collect results from previous tests, such as laboratory workups and previous imaging results.

The care team will review this information and all test results to decide whether interventional endoscopy is the best approach for your child’s care. If not, your child will be fast-tracked to see other specialists at Cincinnati Children’s who can provide the care your child needs.

If the team believes interventional endoscopy is best for your child, Sarah will begin the scheduling process to ensure a timely appointment. She will let you know if the care team wants your child to have additional tests before the interventional endoscopy procedure.

Some pediatric interventional endoscopy procedures can be done as a same-day visit, while others require an overnight stay. The care team will talk to you about this and help you prepare.

During your visit, you and your child will meet members of our team, including our doctors and the clinic nurse, Angie Turner, RN, MSN.

If you have questions before or after your visit, Sarah Myers will be happy to help you. Contact Sarah by phone at 513-517-1047 or by email,