Several clinical and translational studies, including clinical trials at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, are recruiting patients with lupus. Patients who decide to take part in studies usually need to have blood work and other tests and complete questionnaires. Whenever possible, blood work for research studies will be done at the same time as clinic blood draws so all blood needed can be collected using one needle stick. The research personnel at the Lupus Center can help with these tasks and will coordinate your research participation with the overall care you receive from the Lupus Center health care team. 

About Clinical Studies

Clinical trials are research studies that involve patients to answer specific questions about new treatments or new ways of using known treatments. Carefully conducted clinical trials are the fastest and safest way to determine whether new drugs or other treatments work in people.

In clinical trials, one group of participants receives the experimental drug while another group, the control group, gets standard treatment or an inactive treatment known as a placebo. Studies that include control groups are known as controlled trials.