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Pastoral Care

Offering Spiritual and Emotional Support

A child’s illness and hospitalization can be one of the most difficult times for a family. The Department of Pastoral Care at Cincinnati Children's offers spiritual guidance, or simply emotional support, to people of all faiths who are struggling with a child's illness.

Our chaplaincy staff is trained to minister in this challenging environment, and has proven to be knowledgeable about the developmental and spiritual issues unique to children. Working as part of the pediatric healthcare team, our chaplains share the task of bringing wholeness and health to patients and families. 


Having a child who is hospitalized or who is receiving care for a chronic condition can be extremely trying for a family. Our experienced pastoral care team offers spiritual guidance in all faiths – or simply emotional support – to your hospitalized child, to you as a parent or to other members of your family who are affected by your child’s illness. 

We understand that the hospitalization of a child can be a spiritual crisis for all who care for and about that child. We also believe that part of the work of healing can lie in dealing with the spiritual issues that arise. For some, this means making use of their faith, prayer, scripture and sacraments. For others it means struggling to feel the presence of God at a time when God can seem distant. For others, it means appreciating the opportunity for companionship and conversation that a chaplain can provide.

Our chaplains and bereavement specialists are available to assist children, families and staff, on-site, 24 hours a day. We are knowledgeable about and sensitive to a variety of faiths and practices and we maintain strong relationships with local clergy and faith communities.

Prayers for Strength

Prayers can provide a sense of serenity, peace and strength. If you’re struggling with finding the right prayer, here are a few you can try.

Help for Grieving Families

You don’t have to suffer alone. Learn more about the process of grieving, and how to help yourself and others in your family.

Speak With a Chaplain

If you would like to talk with a chaplain, please call 513-636-4200 or 1-800-344-2462 and ask the operator to page the on-call chaplain.