When your child needs an imaging procedure, you can’t choose a better place than the Radiology and Medical Imaging Center at Cincinnati Children’s. Kids don’t like to hold still, and our staff understands this. That’s why we have led the way in developing techniques that allow us to obtain highly detailed, accurate images in as little time as possible. We know how to make imaging safe and comfortable for your child.

Technology designed for children

All of our equipment is state of the art and designed for children. Our physicians have pioneered techniques for obtaining highly accurate images with the lowest possible doses of radiation.

We make your child’s experience as comfortable as possible. Your child may wear special goggles to watch videos during an MRI scan, or he can listen to music. All of our technologists, nurses and doctors interact with children every day. They are comfortable with kids and helping them when they are scared. We also have certified Child Life specialists available if your child is especially frightened or anxious.

If your child requires sedation or general anesthesia for an imaging procedure, a team of nurse anesthetists and pediatric anesthesiologists will coordinate the effort to provide the safest, most appropriate care.

Getting results to your pediatrician

All of our images are stored electronically in a protected system that enables your physicians to view your child’s images at any time from any facility at the medical center, or from their home or office. Results are provided to the ordering physician, who will share them with you.