The Reading and Literacy Center offers research-based reading evaluations. Reading interventions may be offered based on diagnosis and availability. If you suspect your child has a reading difficulty, please contact us.

About the Reading and Literacy Discovery Center

The Reading and Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC) is a program designed to advance children’s reading and literacy in the Cincinnati area, and around the world. We are committed to improving childhood literacy by identifying children with reading and learning disorders, such as dyslexia, and providing evidence-based strategies to families and educational professionals to help children achieve academic and lifelong success.

What are the signs of a reading disorder?

  • Family history of reading problems
  • History of being a late talker
  • Difficulty rhyming words
  • Difficulty saying or writing the alphabet
  • Difficulty remembering letter sounds
  • Difficulty reading new words
  • Slow, difficult reading and/or writing
  • Difficulty answering questions about what was read
  • Reading below grade level
  • Difficulty writing ideas on paper

Our Team

The RLDC is made up of an interdisciplinary team of researchers, pediatricians, reading specialists, educational diagnosticians, speech-language pathologists and teachers. Meet our specialists.