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Reading and Literacy Discovery Center

Reading and Literacy Discovery Center.

Turning the Page on Reading and Writing Disorders

The Reading and Literacy Discovery Center (RLDC) is a clinic for testing and treatment of reading and writing disorders. The clinic is run by speech-language pathologists (SLPs) who have additional reading and writing training. The evaluation highlights your child’s strengths and weaknesses. It provides recommendations, accommodations, and strategies for home and school. The SLP may recommend therapy following the evaluation. Therapy targets areas of weakness with goals set by the child, family, and SLP.

What is a reading or writing disorder?

A reading and writing disorder may happen when there is a difference in how the brain processes written language and words. This makes learning to read and write harder for some children. It is not an attention problem, though attention problems may cause difficulties with learning. It is not a hearing or vision problem. It is not because of a lack of effort.

Who is eligible to receive services through the RLDC?

Children who:

  • Struggle with reading, spelling, or writing. Talk to your child’s teacher and doctor about your concerns to see whether they feel a referral is appropriate
  • Are 6 years of age or older
  • Have no known intellectual disability
  • Have completed at least 3 months of formal school teaching prior to the RLDC evaluation. This includes public or private school or homeschooling
  • Have not had a psychological or educational evaluation within the past six months
  • Can verbally answer yes/no questions, "wh- questions" (such as, who, what, when, where, why), and open-ended questions
  • Have speech that an unfamiliar listener easily understands
  • Demonstrate no behavioral issues that would make them unable to take part in the 3-hour evaluation
  • Have no significant visual impairment that would make reading difficult
  • Speak English as their primary language

How do we schedule an evaluation through the RLDC?

  1. Contact your child’s primary care physician to send a referral to the RLDC
  2. A scheduling agent will contact you after receiving the referral. You will complete an intake process and schedule an evaluation and follow-up appointment

We encourage families to double-check with their insurance company on their coverage. We bill our evaluation as a comprehensive speech and language evaluation and cognitive testing. Make sure to ask whether insurance will cover a second evaluation if you have recently completed a speech and language evaluation through a hospital or private clinic. 

What does an evaluation look like?

  1. Your child will have a complete reading and writing evaluation with an SLP. This will last about 3 hours. We ask that a parent or guardian attend with your child and remain on site for the visit.
  2. You will schedule a 1-hour follow-up appointment with the SLP. You will talk about the results, review recommendations, and make a treatment plan. Both the child and caregiver must attend. You will receive a copy of the evaluation report. Feel free to share the report with school and your primary care physician.

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  • Reading & Literacy Discovery Center - 513-803-7323 (513-803-READ)