Clinical Research to Improve Patient Care

Our research coordinators screen every new patient. If your child is eligible for a clinical trial or study, we’ll coordinate all appointments and follow-up care. The Complex Obstructive Sleep Apnea Center is involved with a variety of research studies and clinical trials, including:

  • Outcomes research for various treatments. This data helps us improve treatment plans and processes for future patients.
  • Virtual surgeries with aerospace engineers. Aerospace engineers have expertise in airflow and develop virtual surgeries for OSA. We use these virtual surgeries to help determine if a patient will respond well to treatment.
  • Clinical trials for new and existing OSA treatments. This may include using an existing treatment for a different diagnosis or patient population. Some research also looks at existing treatments and their long-term side effects.
  • Ways to improve treatment compliance. We study how to help kids and families stick with treatments, such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy.

Our Clinical Trial

Learn more about our clinical trials.

Research studies help us understand disease and develop new ways to treat and prevent health problems. Learn more about our clinical trial.