Steatohepatitis Center
What to Expect

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at the Steatohepatitis Center

If your child is coming to the Steatohepatitis Center, it is likely they’re already experiencing liver problems. The most common cause of liver problems today is related to the liver’s storage of extra fat (steatosis), which is often linked to excess weight gain. This condition is now referred to as metabolic dysfunction-associated steatotic liver disease (MASLD), but also is sometimes called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Our goal is to help you and your child take the steps needed to improve and resolve this liver condition. We are here to support you and find a solution that will help your child live their best and healthiest life.

Making an Appointment at the Steatohepatitis Center

We want it to be easy for you to get the care your family needs. You can self-refer your child to our clinic by contacting us. You also can get a referral from their pediatrician, another physician or hospital, or the emergency department. Our staff members will need your child’s lab and other testing results, a process that could take three to seven days.

The Steatohepatitis Center offers multidisciplinary care at both the Burnet Campus and the Liberty Campus of Cincinnati Children’s, but can also provide some services at the Anderson, Centerville and Maysville locations. Our program coordinator will reach out to you to determine which clinic is best for your child.

Before Your Appointment

If we need to obtain previous test results or medical records before the appointment, our program coordinator will call you. You also may receive a MyChart message with forms attached. You can either fill out those forms ahead of time or in the waiting room before your child’s appointment.

The program coordinator will text you a week before your appointment to inform you if your child needs fasting or non-fasting blood work during the appointment.

If you have trouble getting your child to come to their appointment, please contact our team via MyChart. We will discuss their concerns and put together a plan that works for everyone. Occasionally, we delay blood tests or ultrasounds until after the visit, and in some circumstances, we can arrange for a telehealth visit. Sometimes we bring in our Child Life team for patients who need distractions or who have developmental delays. If you think your child would benefit from a Child Life specialist, please let us know in advance.

On the Day of Your Visit at the Steatohepatitis Center

Arriving At Your Appointment
Please arrive at the hospital 30 minutes ahead of time. This allows 15 minutes to park and walk from the parking garage, and 15 minutes to check in at our front desk, so that the appointment can start on time.

At Your Appointment
This first appointment allows us to discuss what brings you to our clinic and explain to you how we diagnose and treat your child’s condition. The main treatment involves making lifestyle changes in order to live a healthier life, and we will work with you to create a personalized plan for your child.

Your child should wear loose-fitting clothing to the appointment, as the doctor will need to feel their belly. They will see a gastroenterologist and nurse at every visit, and may also see a psychologist, dietitian and research nurse — all of whom will work with you to create a healthy lifestyle plan for your family. We may perform an ultrasound-based painless liver scan (Fibroscan) at the visit. The visit will last about two hours.

After Your Visit to the Steatohepatitis Center

You will receive an “After Visit Summary” at the end of your appointment. It will include important details about upcoming appointments, test results, referrals to specialists and all medications (including new prescriptions). It also will include contact information for your child’s care team.