Transition of Youth and Young Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (TrYAD) is a multidisciplinary clinic dedicated to helping teens and young adults with mild to severe intellectual disabilities transition to adulthood. TrYAD promotes self-management, advocacy, and continuity of care through a graduated transition process which involves:

  • Education of patients, families, and their health care providers
  • Coordination of ancillary services
  • Liaison with community resources

Our triad model of care concentrates on the whole person, including transitions from:

  • School to work: education and vocational training
  • Home to community: community living, adult and social relationships
  • Pediatric care to adult care

The TrYAD Clinic provides specialty care. The goal of TrYAD is to work with the primary care physician(s) during this time of transition, not to replace them. We are also available for one-time consultations for families and physicians who need some assistance or would like further education about this process.