A decade ago, troubling reports about the US healthcare system made the news. Patients of all ages were dying because of preventable medical errors. The nation's medical system was spending more on healthcare than other countries, yet we were not No. 1 in patient outcomes. 

The National Academy of Medicine and other healthcare leaders responded with a call for transformational change. The call resonated with us at Cincinnati Children’s.  

Motivated by our vision to be the leader in improving child health, we were in the process of developing a new strategic plan, with the key goal of dramatically improving our healthcare delivery system.  

Our strategic priorities aligned with the national call for change. As a result, Cincinnati Children’s became an early adopter of the transformation agenda.  

Today, the commitment to quality improvement permeates our organization, and the benefits are felt every day by our patients and their families. As a leader in improving child health, we are happy to share our results with patients, parents and caregivers and the knowledge we’ve gained with other hospitals on the same journey.

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