I’m a resident of the Cincinnati Children’s Child Neurology/Pediatrics Combined Residency Program. Within child neurology, I am interested in further subspecializing in pediatric neurocritical care.

I was inspired to pursue child neurology by the sheer spectrum and range of diseases involved in this specialty, which makes each encounter unique with its own set of challenges. The complexity of patient care in this field also allows me to collaborate with multiple subspecialties, creating a support network that extends well beyond the patient and their family.

I chose Cincinnati Children's after doing an away rotation here with the inpatient child neurology team during my fourth year of medical school, and I immediately felt at home. What impressed me most about the program was how happy the residents seemed despite their busy schedules and rigorous training. Faculty members were also approachable and friendly. The program clearly emphasizes work-life balance and supports their residents both inside and outside the hospital setting. I also wanted a large children’s hospital that would provide breadth and depth to my training.

My favorite clinical experience at Cincinnati Children’s was during an inpatient pediatrics rotation. We had a patient who had a very complex social situation. The case was very emotional for the providers involved in the patient’s care. Throughout the day, both my attending and co-resident would frequently offer support, asking if I needed someone to speak to or a moment to collect my thoughts. Every member of the team, including social workers, hospital administrators, physicians and nurses, voluntarily stayed late because they cared about the patient’s disposition. This experience spoke volumes to the culture of compassion at Cincinnati Children’s.

Cincinnati truly has all of the perks of a large city — lots of things to do, delicious dining options, immaculately maintained parks — but is actually affordable for residents to live. There’s a wide variety of housing options within 15 minutes of the hospital — ranging from houses in the suburbs, which are affordable on resident salaries, to apartments and condos. Everything is magically within 15 minutes away, making the city very accessible.

My favorite memories of Cincinnati include hanging out (socially distanced, of course) with residents after a busy day in the hospital and purchasing my first home in Cincinnati with a yard for my Bernese mountain dog, Taco. In my free time, I like to go off-roading in my Jeep Wrangler and hike with Taco.


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