Elana Harris, MD, PhD

Academic Affiliations

Assistant Professor, N/A

UC Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience

Phone 513-636-2100


Conditions: anxiety disorders; obsessive compulsive disorder; Tourette syndrome; trichotillomania

Treatment modalities: habit reversal therapy; pharmacotherapy

MD: State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center.

PhD: Neural and Behavioral Science; State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center.

Internship: Pediatrics, Winthrop University Hospital, Mineola, NY.

Residency: Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.

Fellowship: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD.

Korostenskaja M, Wilson A, Rose D, Brunner P, Schalk G, Leach J, Mangano F, Fujiwara H, Rozhkov L, Harris E, Chen PC, Seo JH, Lee KH. Real-time functional mapping (RTFM) with ECoG in pediatric epilepsy surgery: comparison with fMRI and ESM findings. EEG and Clinical Neuroscience. 2013.

Korostenskaja M, Harris E, Giovanetti C, Horn P, Wang Y, Rose D, Fujiwara H, Xiang J. Magnetoencephalography reveals altered auditory information processing in youth with obsessive compulsive disorder. Psychiat Res: Neuroim. 2013;212:132-140.

Wu SW, Harris E, Gilbert DL. Tic suppression: the medical model. J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2010;20(4):263-76.

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Harris E, Eng HY, Kowatch R, Delgado SV, Saldaña SN. Disinhibition as a side effect of treatment with fluvoxamine in pediatric patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. J Child Adolesc Psychopharmacol. 2010;20(4):347-33.