The Movement Disorders Clinic specializes in evaluating, diagnosing and treating infants, children and adolescents with ataxia, athetosis, ballism, chorea, drug-induced movement disorders, dystonia, functional movement disorders, parkinsonism, paroxysmal movement disorders, stereotypies, tic disorders, and tremor.

Movement disorders interfere with planning and carrying out voluntary and automatic movements, usually due to a problem in movement areas of the brain. These can be disorders of brain function or diseases where the brain is degenerating over time.

The Movement Disorders Clinic emphasizes diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, the diagnostic process is complex, involving brain imaging, genetics, and other technologies. We also provide second opinions. We offer treatment for the full spectrum of movement disorders and co-manage many cognitive and emotional symptoms of these conditions. We work closely with psychologists and psychiatrists at Cincinnati Children's and in the community.

The Movement Disorders Clinic has an active research program to understand the causes and find better treatments for these conditions.