A photo of Lisa Herrmann.

Director of Education and Faculty Development, Division of Hospital Medicine

Co-Medical Director, Division of Hospital Medicine, Liberty Campus

Associate Medical Director, APRN Education, Division of Hospital Medicine

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Board Certified

"I am a believer in shared decision-making and incorporating family values and needs into the child's care plan."

About Me


I am a pediatric hospitalist specializing in the care of children admitted to the hospital with acute illnesses. I work on the hospital medicine teams at the Cincinnati Children’s Burnet and Liberty campuses, including the inpatient complex care team for patients with complex medical conditions and those who are technology-dependent.

Due to some health problems as a child, I spent a lot of time seeing physicians and being in the hospital when I was young. These early exposures inspired me to become a physician. I hoped to have the same impact on a person’s health that my physicians had on mine.

As a pediatrician, I enjoy the dynamic of working with children and their families to improve health. I was drawn to hospital medicine because of the diversity of disease processes and patients. Every day is something different! As a hospitalist, I also have the opportunity to be actively engaged in the medical education of medical students and resident trainees, and to participate in hospital-wide quality improvement and safety efforts.

I view patient care from a team approach and as a hospitalist, it is my role to engage the patient, family, consultants and other staff members in coordinating the best care plan for a specific patient. At the center of this are the patient and their family. I am a believer in shared decision-making and incorporating family values and needs into the child's care plan.

In addition to taking care of patients, I serve as the co-medical director for Hospital Medicine at the Liberty Campus. In this role, I work with patient services leadership to improve care delivery processes and the patient and family experience at Liberty.

My research is primarily in medical education, with interests in teaching trainees the elements of interprofessional collaboration and how to provide high-value care. I am very interested in how teams function, specifically with individuals who have different professional backgrounds.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling, exploring Cincinnati's local parks and hiking trails, trying out new recipes in the kitchen and volunteering through community nonprofits. Each summer, I spend a week volunteering as the medical lead for Camp Holiday Trails, an overnight camp for children with special medical needs in Charlottesville, Virginia. Having benefited from attending camp as a child, I want to provide other children with similar opportunities to grow and gain confidence and independence.

Clinical Interests

Pediatric hospital medicine

Research Interests

Medical education; high value care; interprofessional education

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Hospital Medicine

My Education

MD: University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, VA, 2010.

Residency: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, OH, 2013.

Fellowship: Children's National Health System, Washington, DC, 2016.

Masters of Education (MEd): The George Washington University School of Education and Human Development, Washington, DC, 2016.

Certification: Pediatrics, 2013.

My Publications

Selected Publication

Building a doctor, one skill at a time: Rethinking clinical training through a new skills-based feedback modality. Kappy, B; Herrmann, LE; Schumacher, DJ; Statile, AM. Perspectives on Medical Education. 2021.

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Improving Efficiency of Pediatric Hospital Medicine Team Daily Workflow. Unaka, NI; Herrmann, LE; Parker, MW; Jerardi, KE; Brady, PW; Demeritt, B; Lichner, K; Carlisle, M; Treasure, JD; Hickey, E; et al. Hospital pediatrics. 2019; 9:867-873.

Promoting interdisciplinary shared mental models. Herrmann, LE; Jarvis, L; Bhansali, P; Zaveri, P. Clinical Teacher. 2019; 16:114-119.

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