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Hospital Medicine

Creating the Best Outcomes for Hospitalized Children

Whether your child is hospitalized due to a complex medical condition or a common illness such as bronchiolitis, asthma or pneumonia, the Division of Hospital Medicine at Cincinnati Children's is dedicated to providing the best possible treatment during your child's hospital stay. 

Our Hospital Medicine team offers care in a family-centered environment. By coordinating with a patient's primary care physicians, we ensure patient support continues long after your child's stay here.

We have four clinical teams: Burnet Campus Service, Liberty Campus Service, Surgical Service and Adult Care Service. We have a strong history of success in quality improvement, safety, translating evidence into practice and leadership in education.

We have a nationally recognized fellowship in Pediatric Hospital Medicine.

Specialized Skills and Experience for Hospitalized Children

Our team consists of more than 30 hospital medicine physicians, known as “hospitalists.” We provide care to more than 8,000 patients each year. We strive to provide family-centered inpatient care that is safe, effective, efficient and timely.

The Division of Hospital Medicine has a strong history of success in quality-improvement initiatives, translating the latest medical evidence into practice, and providing family-centered care. Our physicians have received numerous local and national awards for their excellence in clinical care, teaching and research.

Burnet & Liberty Service

Learn more about our services for children receiving inpatient care at our Burnet Campus and Liberty Campus.

Surgical Service

Learn more about how we work with your child who needs surgery.

Adult Service

Learn more about how our specialized physicians care for adult patients.