Mounira A. Habli, MD

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist, Cincinnati Fetal Center

Academic Affiliations

Associate Professor, UC Department of Surgery

Phone 513-636-2735


Modification of the Wigglesworth model of intrauterine growth restriction in mice as the animal model; invitro assessment of insulin-like growth factors and adenoviral associated gene expression of insulin-like growth factor-I in a rat trophoblast cell line (RCHO-1).

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BS: Biology, American University of Beirut, Beirut Lebanon.

MS: Masters Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Translational Research, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2010.

MD: American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, 1998.

MFM: University of Cincinnati Maternal Fetal Medicine, 2009.