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Interventional Radiologist, Department of Radiology and Medical Imaging

Professor, UC Department of RadiologyUC Department of Pediatrics



Board Certified

"I teach and practice the principle, 'Do what you would do for your own children and family.'"

My Biography & Research


As a pediatric interventional radiologist, I have a special interest in musculoskeletal lesion biopsies. I also pursue treatment systems improvement, especially for the prevention of injuries that occur from intravenous (IV) therapy placement. I co-led a hospital-level initiative to reduce injuries from peripheral IV therapy. The system we developed at Cincinnati Children’s has now been widely adopted nationally and internationally.

I wanted to be a physician from an early age, and I trained to be a pediatric interventional radiologist in Australia. I am good with visual, 3D and hand-eye coordination, and I use those skills to help sick children and their concerned families. I teach and practice the principle, "Do what you would do for your own children and family."

I practice full-time pediatric interventional radiology, which involves using medical imaging and guidance equipment to perform minimally invasive, surgery-equivalent procedures for children. These procedures include angiography, biopsies and drainage tube placement. In some cases, I do percutaneous (through the skin) treatments such as radiofrequency (heat) ablation of benign bone conditions, which replace more invasive procedures.

The recognitions I’ve received include:

  • 2020 Division of Orthopaedics Highest Orthopaedic Patient Experience (HOPE) award from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center for my service to orthopaedic patients
  • 2018 Janet Pettit scholarship from the Association for Vascular Access that recognizes personal and professional qualities exemplify scholarly excellence in the field of neonatal and/or pediatric vascular access
  • 2018 Gold Medal of the Society for Pediatric Radiology

I was also honored in 2012, when the Department of Radiology at Cincinnati Children's established an endowed Chair of Radiology Informatics in my name.

In my free time, I enjoy walking, reading, playing the piano and personal aviation.

Clinical Interests

Pediatric radiology; pediatric interventional radiology; radiology informatics

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of RadiologyUC Department of Pediatrics

Clinical Divisions

Radiology, Interventional Radiology

Research Divisions


My Education

MBBS: University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1976.

Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1978-1979.

Pediatric Radiology, University of Rochester - Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY, 1985-1986.

US Radiology Board Certified, 1987; US Board of Radiology, Certificate of Added Qualifications - Pediatric Radiology, 2016 - present.

My Publications

Genome-Driven Therapy for Chemotherapy-Resistant Metastatic CDK6 -Amplified Osteosarcoma. Lazow, MA; Johnson, SL; Johnson, ND; Breneman, JC; Dexheimer, PJ; Szabo, S; Pressey, JG. JCO Precision Oncology. 2020; 498-504.

"Twin " Biliary Trees in a Patient With Heterotaxy Syndrome. Kelly, D; Johnson, N; Veldtman, G; Kocoshis, S; Kohli, R. Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. 2018; 66.

CT-guided localization of pulmonary nodules in children prior to video-assisted thoracoscopic surgical resection utilizing a combination of two previously described techniques. McDaniel, JD; Racadio, JM; Patel, MN; Johnson, ND; Kukreja, K. Pediatric Radiology. 2018; 48:626-631.

Effect of Oral Insulin on Prevention of Diabetes in Relatives of Patients With Type 1 Diabetes: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Atkinson, M; Krischer, J; Moran, A; Peakman, M; Spain, L; Schatz, DA; Sosenko, J; Antinozzi, P; Benoist, C; Bourcier, K; et al. JAMA - Journal of the American Medical Association. 2017; 318:1891-1902.

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Treatment of Inferior Vena Cava Obstruction Following Pediatric Liver Transplantation: Novel Use of a Customized Endovascular Stent. Averin, K; Bucuvalas, J; Alonso, MH; Kohli, R; Heubi, JE; Johnson, ND; Goldstein, BH. Journal of Pediatrics. 2017; 180:256-260.

Comparison of complications between pediatric peripherally inserted central catheter placement techniques. Dasgupta, N; Patel, MN; Racadio, JM; Johnson, ND; Lungren, MP. Pediatric Radiology. 2016; 46:1439-1443.