A photo of Carole Lannon.

Carole Lannon, MD, MPH

  • Senior Faculty Lead, Learning Networks Core, Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence
  • Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Identifiable gaps in health outcomes piqued my research interests. I now work with patients, families, clinicians and researchers to improve care and outcomes for children and families using learning health networks. These networks, used for improvement and research, can accelerate population health outcomes at scale.

Working with my colleagues, we determined that the Learning Health Network model reliably reproduces results at scale. This model has already been effective for networks focusing on chronic conditions, rare diseases, safety and population health.

I joined Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in 2006 to research learning health networks, collaborative science, quality improvement, and patient and family partnerships. All the outcomes I’ve achieved have come as a direct result of partnering with others.

Patient and family care has been truly transformative for me. The experience has helped me dramatically improve our learning health network outcomes. Additionally, improvement science has helped me understand the value of standardization, since the reliability of processes and results supports a platform for innovation.

As a result of my work, I have been honored with the 2020 Cincinnati Children’s Advocacy Award. I also serve as the senior quality advisor for the American Board of Pediatrics.


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