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Co-Leader, Hematological Malignancy Program

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Biography & Affiliation

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Experimental Hematology and Cancer Biology, Cancer and Blood Diseases


BA: St. Anselm College, Manchester, NH, 1986.

MS: Rutgers University-University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Brunswick, NJ, 1989.

PhD: Rutgers University-University of Medicine and Dentistry, New Brunswick, NJ, 1992.


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Comparative utility of NRG and NRGS mice for the study of normal hematopoiesis, leukemogenesis, and therapeutic response. Barve, A; Casson, L; Krem, M; Wunderlich, M; Mulloy, JC; Beverly, LJ. Experimental Hematology. 2018; 67:18-31.

METTL14 Inhibits Hematopoietic Stem/Progenitor Differentiation and Promotes Leukemogenesis via mRNA m(6)A Modification. Weng, H; Huang, H; Wu, H; Qin, X; Zhao, BS; Dong, L; Shi, H; Skibbe, J; Shen, C; Hu, C; et al. Cell Stem Cell. 2018; 22:191-205.e9.

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