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Nataline Myers, NNP, MSN

  • Nurse Practitioner, Newborn Intensive Care Unit



I am a neonatal nurse practitioner, specializing in the care of infants. I have a strong interest in caring for babies with congenital heart defects, complex surgical needs and brain injuries.

I have been in the newborn intensive care unit (NICU) for almost 20 years. Each day I'm inspired by our little fighters. At Cincinnati Children’s we have a wealth of knowledge coming from our subspecialty staff, and we have the amazing ability to care for the rarest conditions.

Beyond the bedside, I am interested in how we care for our sickest patients. As a simulation facilitator for our bedside staff, I help improve our processes for caring for patients with complex diseases. I’m also an instructor for delivery room resuscitation and general stabilization of babies.

I believe the family is a key piece of the care team. My job is not only to care for the baby but also to care for the family. We have many resources to assist families during their time here in the NICU. I encourage families to participate in daily rounds to get their questions answered firsthand. Sometimes it can be quite overwhelming to see our large team every morning. I promise each parent that the medical team has the same goal as them, to provide the care needed to safely discharge them home.

Fun facts about me: I am an avid football fan and my favorite team is the Indianapolis Colts. I am also quite the home cook. Over the years I’ve taken multiple cooking classes, including classes in France and Italy.

Services and Specialties

Newborn Intensive Care Unit NICU