As a Child Neurology and Pediatrics Combined Program resident, I am interested in general pediatrics, neurocritical care and neuroimmunology. Children have a fascinating and positive outlook on life, and it motivates me to exemplify that in my work as a physician. I find it fulfilling to work with kids and families to improve their lives and set them up for success inside and outside the hospital or clinic.

My love of pediatric medicine began during my medical school rotation at a community hospital. I’ve enjoyed working with kids since my teenage years teaching swim lessons at a water park. Coupled with my passion for neurology and medicine, I have found my niche as a resident in pediatric neurology.

I believe in partnering with patients and their families to find the best possible outcome, which means spending more time listening and educating. You can usually find me sitting and talking with patients and their families long after rounds have finished. I want to understand my patients outside of their chief complaint because I believe I should know the whole picture while treating a specific condition.

Since moving to Cincinnati, I’ve been able to continue my hobbies and activities, including practicing Muay Thai, which are martial arts originating in Thailand. Recreationally, I enjoy playing soccer and play regularly in a co-ed league with other residents in the program — my competitive days are behind me! It’s been fun to watch FC Cincinnati soccer games and adopt them as my new home team. I also dabble in guitar in my spare time.

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