A photo of Todd Ponsky.

Director, Clinical Growth and Transformation

Pediatric Surgeon, Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery

Professor, UC Department of Surgery


Board Certified

My Biography & Research


As a pediatric surgeon, I focus on always trying to find the least invasive way to solve a child’s medical problem.

I specialize in minimally invasive surgery with a focus on neonatal disorders and hernias. I also provide surgical treatments for gastroparesis, including gastric electrical stimulation.

I believe each child is unique. I spend a great deal of time listening to their questions and concerns and addressing them. This allows me to better understand the best approach to improve their health.

I became ill as a child and a phenomenal doctor got me through it. This doctor spent many hours talking to me and made me want to become a physician.

When I’m not providing clinical care, I work to make leading-edge knowledge available to surgeons internationally. Unfortunately, there are great disparities in knowledge across the globe, and not all surgeons have access to the same knowledge we do.

I was honored to receive the faculty teaching award in my first year of practice.

In my free time, I like to go camping in the wilderness with my family. A fun fact about me: I was a Golden Glove boxer in college for four years.

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of Surgery

Clinical Divisions

Surgery - General and Thoracic

Research Divisions

General and Thoracic Surgery

My Education

MD: Case Western Reserve, Cleveland, OH, 1999.

Surgical Residency: The George Washington University Hospital, Washington, DC.

Pediatric Surgery Fellowship: Children's National Medical Center, Washington, DC.

Board Certification: American Board of Surgery - General Surgery, 2006, Recertified 2016; Pediatric Surgery, 2008, Recertified 2018.

My Publications

Remotely Shaping the View in Surgical Telementoring. Mentis, HM; Feng, Y; Semsar, A; Ponsky, TA. 2020; 495:1-14.

Emerging technology and their application to paediatric surgical training. Ljuhar, D; Gibbons, AT; Ponsky, TA; Nataraja, RM. Seminars in Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 29:150909-150909.

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Avoiding unnecessary bronchoscopy in children with suspected foreign body aspiration using computed tomography. Gibbons, AT; Berazaluce, AM C; Hanke, RE; McNinch, NL; Person, A; Mehlman, T; Rubin, M; Ponsky, TA. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2020; 55:176-181.

It Is a Wrap! Or Is It?: The Role of Fundoplication in Infant Feeding Intolerance. Berazaluce, AM C; Gibbons, AT; Hanke, RE; Ponsky, TA; Harmon, CM. Journal of Laparoendoscopic and Advanced Surgical Techniques - Part A. 2019; 29:1315-1319.

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Adherence to APSA activity restriction guidelines and 60-day clinical outcomes for pediatric blunt liver and splenic injuries (BLSI). Notrica, DM; Sayrs, LW; Krishna, N; Ostlie, DJ; Letton, RW; Alder, AC; St Peter, SD; Ponsky, TA; III, EJ W; Tuggle, DW; et al. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. 2019; 54:335-339.

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