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Same-Day Consultation and Procedure

Same-Day Consultation and Procedure Program

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The Division of Pediatric General and Thoracic Surgery has a program that addresses the needs of patients with hernias and other common conditions. 

We understand how busy life is for you and your family.  It's hard to keep up with the everyday activities, but when your child needs surgery, getting your child the right care can be overwhelming.

That's why at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, we have created a program to provide your child the care he or she needs in a timeframe that fits your schedules.  Combined with telephone follow up, we are proud to offer our Same-Day Consultation and Procedure Program.  With an extremely effective team of experienced surgeons and staff, this unique program now provides families the ability to schedule a surgical consult and surgical procedure to take place all on the same day.

Available at our Liberty Campus on Tuesdays and Fridays.

How It Works

We house a team of thorough and educated faculty and staff who are prepared to see your child, make an accurate diagnosis, and perform surgery to treat the condition, all in the same day. 

5 Simple Steps 

  1.  Call 513-636-4371, option #1 to speak with one of our surgery schedulers.
  2.  Our schedulers will verify your child's condition matches the Same-Day Consultation and Procedure Program's criteria and will work with you to schedule a time to come in for an official diagnosis and surgery. 
  3.  The day of your visit you will meet with the surgeon who will do your child's surgery. The surgeon will perform a physical to ensure your child is able to have surgery that day and will verify the original diagnosis.  
  4. After the surgeon meets with your family, a team of nurses will walk you to surgery registration where your child is taken back into surgery.  
  5. The day after surgery, an advance practice nurse will call to check in.  There is no follow up appointment.

Conditions Treated

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