Same-Day Consultation and Procedure
For Patients and Families

Friendly Faces with the Answers You Need

A family arrives at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.Giving your child the best care possible by the best means available is your priority. That is why in the Cincinnati Children’s Same-Day Consultation and Procedure Program, we make it our priority too. We understand that when it comes to your family and time, both are precious. Our ability to offer a program where your child can be diagnosed and treated on the same day at the hands of qualified and experienced surgeons enables you to meet your priorities. However, surgery is still surgery and you may have questions that need sincere and thorough answers. We’re here to help!

We're Here to Help

We work closely with many in-house departments to ensure you have the assistance you may need. From help organizing your stay to concerns regarding insurance and medical billing, Cincinnati Children's Hospital is here to help.

Financial Services 

We have financial advocates ready to help you with any concerns you may have regarding insurance coverage and paying your child's medical bill. Read More

The Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center is the place to turn to learn about children's health conditions and community resources. Read More

Interpreter Services

All patients and family members have a right to receive medical information in their preferred language. As a step toward that goal, we have full-time, in-house interpreters fluent in English and in Spanish. Read More

Ongoing Support Resources

Our Ongoing Support Resources can assist you in identifying and accessing the necessary services and supports you are looking for. Read More.

Conditions Treated

See a list of general conditions we treat in our Same-Day Consultation and Procedure Program. Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us answer your questions about our Same-Day Consultation and Procedure Program. Read More

Meet Our Team

Meet our team of physicians you can trust. Read More