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Amy R. Shikany, MS, CGC

  • Genetic Counselor III, Heart Institute
Making informed decisions is essential to improved outcomes and presenting information to patients and their families in a manner they can understand is critical for decision-making.
Amy R. Shikany, MS, CGC



My clinical and research specialty is cardiovascular genetic counseling. I have always been interested in biology and genetics. Though I could work in a lab, my preference is to work directly with people.

Genetic counseling and testing are indicated for anyone with a personal or family history of heart disease. Genetics is an integral part of individual and family healthcare. We have the opportunity to work with entire families, from fetuses to grandparents.

With my research, I aim to answer clinical questions about the genetics of heart disease. I am also studying how patients and families perceive the genetic information they receive. Making informed decisions is essential to improved outcomes and presenting information to patients and their families in a manner they can understand is critical for decision-making.

Examples of the detailed information about medical and family history that I may ask patients or question myself include:

  • What can they tell us about their health risks and the need for screening?
  • Could there be a genetic cause for a specific type of heart disease?
  • What risks may exist for heart disease based on genetic test results?
  • Could genetic testing be right for them or someone else in the family?
  • What do genetic testing results mean, and what is the best way to discuss these results with family members?
  • What type of heart screening should be prioritized based on family history or genetic testing results?
  • What feelings surface when heart disease or genetic risk in the family are identified, and what resources and support are available?

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring the outdoors. I also enjoy running and am currently learning to play tennis.

Services and Specialties

Cardiovascular Genetics, Cardiomyopathy

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