A photo of Jordan Sill.

Jordan Sill, MD, MS

  • Clinical Cardiology Fellow, Heart Institute



As a clinical cardiology fellow, I incorporate evidence-based medicine and best practices using an empathetic approach. I try to see problems from a patient’s point of view and approach each patient with directness, honesty and humor.

I was inspired to pursue my career by the resilience of children. I enjoy helping parents understand their children's medical challenges and working as a team to overcome them. I also like the close relationships and bonds formed with patients and their families. I was drawn to cardiology because of the exciting physiology and the continuity with patients.

I focus on understanding the patient's perspective and needs to help them understand their health challenges and develop shared solutions. I learn as much from my patients and families as they learn from me.

In my research, I’m studying how nutrition impacts the heart and heart disease, and how the heart and heart disease impacts nutrition.

When I’m not working, I like to hike, bike, travel, golf and spend time with my family and dog.