A photo of Ming Tan.

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics



Biography & Affiliation

Research Interests

Noroviruses; human caliciviruses; viral gastroenteritis

Academic Affiliation

Assistant Professor, UC Department of Pediatrics


Infectious Diseases


PhD: University of Münster, Münster, Germany, 1997.


Parenterally administered P24-VP8* nanoparticle vaccine conferred strong protection against rotavirus diarrhea and virus shedding in gnotobiotic pigs. Ramesh, A; Mao, J; Lei, S; Twitchell, E; Shiraz, A; Jiang, X; Tan, M; Yuan, L. Vaccines. 2019; 7:177-177.

Norovirus capsid protein-derived nanoparticles and polymers as versatile platforms for antigen presentation and vaccine development. Tan, M; Jiang, X. Pharmaceutics. 2019; 11:472-472.

GII.13/21 Noroviruses Recognize Glycans with a Terminal beta-Galactose via an Unconventional Glycan Binding Site. Cong, X; Sun, X; Qi, J; Li, H; Chai, W; Zhang, Q; Wang, H; Kong, X; Song, J; Pang, L; et al. Journal of Virology. 2019; 93.

Immune response and protective efficacy of the S particle presented rotavirus VP8*vaccine in mice. Xia, M; Huang, P; Jiang, X; Tan, M. Vaccine. 2019; 37:4103-4110.

Structural Adaptations of Norovirus GII.17/13/21 Lineage through Two Distinct Evolutionary Paths. Qian, Y; Song, M; Jiang, X; Xia, M; Meller, J; Tan, M; Chen, Y; Li, X; Rao, Z. Journal of Virology. 2019; 93.

Structural basis of host ligand specificity change of GII porcine noroviruses from their closely related GII human noroviruses. Yang, Y; Xia, M; Wang, L; Arumugam, S; Wang, Y; Ou, X; Wang, C; Jiang, X; Tan, M; Chen, Y; et al. Emerging Microbes and Infections. 2019; 8:1642-1657.

Saliva as a source of reagent to study human susceptibility to avian influenza H7N9 virus infection. Tan, M; Cui, L; Huo, X; Xia, M; Shi, F; Zeng, X; Huang, P; Zhong, W; Li, W; Xu, K; et al. Emerging Microbes and Infections. 2018; 7:156-10.

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