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Director of Bioinformatics Core, Neonatology & Pulmonary Biology; Perinatal Institute

Professor, UC Department of PediatricsUC Department of Biomedical Informatics



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Dr. Xu’s research interest is to develop and apply bioinformatics and systems biology approaches to gain a better understanding of molecular mechanisms behind big data sets. Her current lines of research are focusing on the identification of gene signatures, regulatory networks, and biological pathways controlling lung maturation and diseases.

She is actively involved in using high-throughput single cell genomics for the development of LungMAP, a web-based data resource funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to provide useful tools and resources for the lung research community.

Research Interests

Yan Xu:  main area of research interests are bioinformatics and systems biology application in pulmonary research. Our current focus is to systemically identify the critical components in the transcriptional/signaling programs and determine genetic networks regulating lung maturation, surfactant homeostasis, lung cell type specific signaling and asthma associated pathology. We applied systems biology approach that integrates expression profiling with expression-independent data resources including protein interaction, functional annotation, promoter and literature mining to enable the elucidation of genetic networks. Important regulator-target relationships will be selected for experimental validation in vivo and in vitro through collaborations with experimental biologists.

Academic Affiliation

Professor, UC Department of PediatricsUC Department of Biomedical Informatics

Research Divisions

Pulmonary Biology, Biomedical Informatics

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BS: Pharmacology, Shanghai Medical University, China, 1986.

MS: Pathology, Shanghai Medical University, China, 1989.

PhD: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, University of South Alabama, Mobile, Alabama, 1997.


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