The pediatric track of the fellowship offers combined fellowship training with either pediatric pulmonology or pediatric rheumatology. The general structure of combined training has been outlined by the American Board of Allergy and Immunology (ABAI), the American Board of Pediatric Pulmonology and the American Board of Pediatric Rheumatology to include two years of clinical training, one in allergy and immunology and one in the second specialty, and two years of research in an area that is pertinent to both specialties. In the past, the boards have required prior approval of the fellowship structure and research plan. Combined training positions at Cincinnati Children’s are available by special arrangement between the Division of Allergy and Immunology and the Division of Pulmonary Medicine or the Division of Rheumatology and will be contingent upon the candidate being accepted by both divisions. The candidate should apply to both allergy and immunology and the second division of choice and indicate on both applications the interest in a combined fellowship. The allergy / immunology fellowship application should be submitted through ERAS, and the candidate should register for the NRMP in allergy and immunology. Required application procedures for the second specialty should be requested directly from the division of choice. Combined training is very rigorous; candidates are therefore encouraged to have motivation for combined training and clear fellowship objectives and career goals that incorporate both specialties.