Pediatric Anesthesia
Career Preparation

Career Opportunities, Programs and Seminars

The pediatric anesthesia fellowship program at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital approaches each fellow as a future partner and future leader. Whether our trainees choose to stay in academic or in private practice, whether they stay with us as faculty or go elsewhere, we seek to help each one achieve a successful launch into their career.

Mentoring Programs

  • Faculty-and-Fellow Mentorship: pediatric anesthesia faculty mentors are arranged prior to fellowship start date. These mentors are hand-selected based on each fellow’s declared interests and career goals. Fellows meet with their faculty mentors multiple times over the course of the year to guide scholarly projects, clinical growth, personal and professional development. Fellows are always encouraged to seek additional mentoring relationships as their interests evolve over the year.
  • Resident and Medical Student Mentorship Program: new program that is being developed for interested fellows to act as mentors for residents and medical students who might be considering pediatric anesthesia. This program will provide real, hands-on experience in mentorship for our fellows, especially those who are interested in education work.

Transitioning to Attending Seminars

Faculty-lead seminars designed to provide a roadmap for a successful transition from trainee to attending, focusing on personal and interpersonal development. Topics include contract review, the business of medicine, personal finance, leadership skills, OR management, career building, and much more. ease the transition from trainee to attending.

Wellness Seminars

Faculty who are trained wellness facilitators coordinate breakfast, lunch, and afternoon sessions throughout the academic year. These sessions focus on developing skills that will help the trainee to live well as an anesthesiologist.

Coaching Program

An experienced pediatric anesthesiologist and a certified coach, Dr Eric Wittkugel engages in group and personal coaching sessions with the fellows. These sessions represent an incredible chance to explore growth opportunities and to develop a vision for the future.

Oral Boards Preparation Program

A two-part lecture series that is paired with formal “mock” oral exams administered by faculty examiners.

SPA Conference

Fellows are encouraged to submit scholarly work to SPA. Regardless of acceptance, all fellows are released from clinical responsibilities to attend the national SPA conference each spring, with all expenses covered.

Research Opportunities

There is a wide variety of research work currently underway within the department and institution; fellows with research interests are encouraged to participate in the design and execution of projects during their fellowship.

Teaching Opportunities

Fellows are able to participate in didactic teaching opportunities within the fellowship program, within the department, and also within the anesthesia residency program. Clinical teaching experience is also built in via targeted opportunities to supervise residents.

Alumni Network

The fellowship program boasts a vast network of alumni spread across the United States. This network is available to our fellows to tap for everything from job opportunities to clinical and personal mentorship. As our fellows graduate and launch their careers, this huge network provides opportunities for collaboration, sharing of resources, visiting professorships, and more.

Following Your Pediatric Anesthesiology Training

Fellows from the pediatric anesthesia fellowship program at Cincinnati Children’s go into both academic and private practices across the country following graduation. On average, around 2/3 of our graduates enter academic practice, and 1/3 enter private practice. Often, multiple fellows stay with us at Cincinnati Children’s as faculty each year.