Approximately 60 percent of fellowship activities involve clinical care, divided between OR, ambulatory and inpatient services. Fellows will be supervised by experienced pediatric / adolescent gynecologists with gradually increasing independent clinical responsibilities during clinical sessions. Although residency-trained and board-eligible ob / gyn physicians, the fellows will NOT practice independently for any clinical care at Cincinnati Children's. Their activities will be closely supervised by the faculty fellowship director and other faculty gynecologists in a graduated fashion. Complex clinical cases, including surgeries for complex genital anomalies, will require supervision and direct oversight by faculty physicians. It is expected that fellows in pediatric and adolescent gynecology will supervise resident physicians, medical students and other trainees in our multidisciplinary clinics.

Approximately 40 percent of the fellowship will involve research and scholarly activities. Research in the Division of Gynecology focuses on several areas: fertility preservation, differences in sexual development (DSD), patient outcomes after reconstructive surgery and transgender health. The research training program in the Division of Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology includes the following components: a didactic program focused on patient-oriented clinical research, a mentored research project, a Scholarship Oversight Committee and evaluation procedures. Each fellow in the division is assigned to a Scholarship Oversight Committee comprised of members both inside and outside the fellow’s area of expertise. It is our expectation that the fellow in pediatric and adolescent gynecology will participate in this research mentoring. Other scholarly activities include literature reviews, case reports, clinical presentations and graduate coursework (as desired).