Infectious Diseases
Infectious Diseases

Collaborative Opportunities

Clinical fellow with patients.

Cincinnati Children’s has one of the busiest emergency rooms in the nation and serves as primary point of care for much of the tri-state area. In fiscal year 2015, the Infectious disease fellows participated in the consultation of over 4,500 inpatients and nearly 2,000 outpatients. During those consultations, fellows collaborate with many different hospital specialists to provide multidisciplinary care.

In addition to a strong network of hospital clinicians, the fellows at Cincinnati Children’s are supported by the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation (CCRF). The CCRF links together researchers from all forty-one divisions within the Department of Pediatrics providing unified administrative and organizational support as well as investing in shared facilities.

A few of the programs and facilities our fellows are exposed to during their three year training include:

  • An active hospital infection control and epidemiology program which provides clinical support services and conducts clinic and community-based research studies sponsored by the NIH, the CDC, and industry.
  • Clinical microbiology laboratories with complete bacteriology, mycology, and virology facilities for routine studies, as well as special procedure capabilities (e.g. culture of fastidious organisms, special stains of direct specimens).
  • Combined serology laboratories with capacity for routine antibody determinations.
  • Chemistry laboratory with equipment available for chemical or immunochemical determination of selected drug levels.
  • BSL2 containment facilities and animal facilities located near the laboratory facilities.
  • The Gamble Program for Clinical Research, which is responsible for the management of numerous drug and vaccine trials conducted under the auspices of an NIH-funded Vaccine Treatment Evaluation Unit (VTEU) and through industry sponsorship.
  • The International Adoption Center, which provides comprehensive pre- and post-adoption evaluations for families and adoptive children, conducts general educational activities, and analyzes the prevalence of various disease and the efficacy of immunizations in adoptees.
  • Epidemiology programs conducted under the direction of the CDC (New Vaccine Surveillance Network) as well as industrial sponsors.
  • A partnership with the Center for Global Health that offers multiple opportunities for research outside of the USA in countries of Central and Latin America, Asia, and China.
  • Numerous multi-disciplinary clinical and research conferences including joint meetings with the Division of Infectious Diseases in Internal Medicine, and the Departments of Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Cincinnati.