Fellows rotate through the core services on a weekly basis, and have a month’s protected rotation through pediatric hematopathology / flow cytometry. We believe this experience provides outstanding exposure to all aspects of pediatric pathology, as well as mimicking academic and community pathology practice structures. Elective experience within the institution is available.  

Fellowship Structure

  • Surgical pathology (13 weeks)
  • Autopsy / Neuropathology / Perinatal (12 weeks)
  • Outside Consults / Cytology (12 weeks)
  • GI pathology (4 weeks)
  • Hearts / kidney/EM (2 weeks)
  • Hematopathology / Flow Cytometry (3 weeks)
  • Elective (forensics, transfusion, molecular pathology, etc) (2 weeks)
  • Vacation (4 weeks)

In addition to an academic fund, the fellowship also provides support for fellows to attend research meetings at which the fellow is presenting. 

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