Our Mission

We believe that lifelong learning is a necessity in the modern and ever-changing world. Therefore, our mission is to help physicians and other healthcare professionals meet their educational and professional career goals through online learning, which offers the advantages of flexibility of time and course accessibility. We will provide program participants with accredited, advanced degree coursework and resources to meet professionals’ needs for lifelong learning and career advancement.

  • To be reflective of their teaching and their impact on learners
  • To engage learners through a variety of strategies to ensure growth in knowledge and learning processes to become independent lifetime learners
  • To collaborate with peers and others in creating learning communities
  • To be knowledgeable and current in their areas
  • To engage in research to improve educational practices
  • To understand the principles of teaching and learning
  • To know effective teaching strategies
  • To understand performance assessment and program evaluation
  • To understand research design

Program Focus

The master of education and certificate in medical education programs both focus on the educational themes of adult learning and curriculum and instruction.  The master's program further includes a focus on educational research and evaluation. The curriculum reflects an emphasis on preparing master teachers.

The three themes focus on the following disciplines and include the following courses (see course information for descriptions of each course):


Adult Learning


Human learning

Human and Adult Learning in Medical Education*

Social psychology, motivation and attitude change

Attitude Formation and Change in Medical Education*

 * recommended certificate courses

Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum development and evaluation

Curriculum Development and Evaluation in Medical Education*

Instructional methods and instructional design & technology

Application of Instructional Design and Technology in Medical Education*

Practicum with peer evaluation

Field Experiences Practicum

* recommended certificate courses

Educational Research and Evaluation

Qualitative research methods

Qualitative Research Methods I

Quantitative research methods and statistics

Statistical Data Analysis I

Educational evaluation / assessment

Measurement and Assessment

Research Methods /  final project

Educational Research for Masters Students
C&I Final Master Project